AS DEW Water Filtration

Clean & Pure Water for Everyone

“Simple is Best” is the principle of As Dew Water Filtration. Innovative patented triple action filter cartridge combining with patented leak-proof twist fit disposable cartridge housing bring water filtration system to a new era.

The compact 2 stage under-sink As Dew Water Filtration efficiently remove all sediments, silt, dirt, rust, parasitic cyst including Giardia and Cryptosporidium as well as chlorine and odour from municipality tap water into sparkling clean and pure drinking water, yet requiring no electricity nor waste any precious water. The patented cartridges innovatively combine 3 traditional cartridges into 1, yet with advance technology, As Dew Water Filtration Cartridges last 3 times longer than traditional cartridges.

As-Dew Water filtration cartridges are supplied in patented leak-proof twist fit disposable housing to ensure no spillage of water or accidental flooding when replacing cartridges. Unlike traditional water filtration housings are near impossible to completely clean therefore easily become a breed ground for bacteria and accumulation of harmful chemicals, As Dew Water Filtration cartridge and housing are disposed together and can be complete recycled together to reduce environmental impact.

NSF certified John Guest fittings, tubing and pressure limiting valve (Water Mark Approved) are packaged together for easy installation.

With addition of As Dew Water Ultra Filter post the 2 stage filter, 99% of bacteria and pathogens are removed; therefore raw water such as rain and ground water becomes potable water. Unlike RO membrane filtration which can take 10 litres of water to produce 1 litre of RO filtered water therefore wasting 90% of water, As Dew Water Ultra Filter use hollow fibres technology therefore discharge no waste water. Furthermore when combined with the efficient and high capacity As Dew Water Filter Cartridges, the Ultra Filter will last 12 months under normal household use.

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