AS DEW Water Enhancer

Making Clean Water Better

Quality of clean water is greatly improved with the addition of As Dew water enhancers. Water produced by distillation, reverse osmosis, multi-stage filtration or UV sterilisation etc. are clean of contaminants however lack essential minerals and often acidic. As Dew water enhancer contains activated carbon and ceramic balls to mineralise, alkalise, purify and vitalise water. In fact As Dew Water Enhancer contains the same materials used in As Dew Water Botte cartridge however in larger and bigger size. As Dew Water Enhancer is really the big brother of As Dew Water Cartridge.

As Dew Water Enhancer includes John Guest Push Fittings to easily installed post most undersink water filtration system to make clean water better. Under average household usage, As Dew Water Enhancer will only need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months.

Two varieties of As Dew Water Enhancer are available, namely Elixir and Vital. Just like the Water Bottle cartridges, both varieties of enhancer contain similar natural ingredients to mineralise, alkalise, purify and vitalise water. Elixir is the standard type while Vital is the premium variety. More info see FAQ

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item