AS DEW Water Bottle

Good Water on the Go

As Dew water bottle helps to enhance and improve quality of drinking water. The unique cartridge contains activated carbon and ceramic balls to mineralise, alkalise, purify and vitalise water. Utilising combination of innovative openable base bottle and the unique cartridge means longer interaction time between water and the cartridge contents.

The cartridge is assembled in Australia from selected high quality natural materials. Under average usage, the cartridge will provide mineral rich, pure, alkaline water between 6 to 12 months for a single person. The water bottle body is made of high food grade polycarbonate offer sturdy and long lasting quality.

Activated carbon and ceramic balls are the two main elements to enhance and improve drinking water quality. Activate carbon is the most widely used water treatment material. The carbon medium is “activated” following high temperature (1260oC) and steam treatment in the absence of oxygen which result carbon molecules with many small pores thus very high surface area to attract and hold (adsorb) contaminants. Odorous impurities, unpleasant tastes, toxic organic compounds, chlorine and other chemicals are adsorbed by activate carbon. Ceramic Balls are made from numerous rare natural minerals and gems. Water enhanced with ceramic balls are mildly alkaline (pH7.2-9.0), contain natural minerals include calcium, silicon and iron, removed of heavy metal including lead, mercury , absence of pesticide & other chemicals, energised with far-infra-red energy, bioavailable and readily absorbed into cells.

Two varieties of As Dew Water Bottle cartridges are available, namely Elixir and Vital. Both varieties of cartridges contain similar natural ingredients to mineralise, alkalise, purify and vitalise water. Elixir is the standard type while Vital is the premium variety. More info see FAQ

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